Inspiration · Self Empowerment

Joy Trumps Blows

Joy lives in a soul that controls outer forces and how close their blows come to tearing a part a happy home.

Joy appears behind smiles of gratefulness and laughs embraced in wholeness; Leaving no room for terrorist attacks or threats.

Joy is a Power Force that embraces your past, present and future, giving more attention to the RIGHT NOW, and a tab bit of thought to the past: Ultimately embracing the future, standing tall and head held high.

There Joy Goes and Glows! Surrounded by her Crowd; Joy then approaches Home Plate, In Perfect Position and Correctly Aligned.

Present are life-time fans and short-term enemies, all assured, HomeRuns are patiently awaited for, but thanks to Joy they always fly HIGH, straight out of the Ball Park, Bypassing, all of those blows!!!

Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily

Strike Out

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