When Money Becomes the Root of all Selfishness! ⬇️

January 26th {#ComboTip}

1. Asking someone to adjust their life or choices because of your financial circumstances is plain disrespectful.

2. Asking for handouts and help continuously as an adult is insanely rude, childish and disrespectful.

3. Silently asking someone to ignore your mismanagement of money or status of living above your means, in order to feel sorry for you or to help you, is critically horrendous.

4. And supporting people by using other people’s money, diminishes the sacrificial gift of love that it was intended for.

Lastly, your insufficient fund days or I want my play money days, should never cross these lines, especially when dealing with the people you love and care about.

Yes, your God may bail you out, give you handouts and help you whenever you pray, fast and beg but people weren’t intended to be Gods.

Therefore, accepting that you don’t “have it like that” is a part of self awareness The 🔚 !

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily


  1. Inspiring! ❤️👍


    1. S.C. Happily says:

      Thank you! I’m glad these statements had such an effect! 🙂


  2. Mary Malone says:

    That’s experience and VERY WELL STATED.

    Liked by 1 person

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