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1 Year Laws of Attraction Love Life Results

On the count of 3, Start Believing!

1, 2, 3 Believe! #BELIEVE

The very second between the #1 & #2, a wave of energy began moving.

Did you feel it?

This picture is a representation of my 3 seconds of belief. What we all think, is what we have the possibility to become!⬆️

My journey started out where one modest, critical, single, & tried to live her life perfectly individual decided to drop off every religious belief she possessed at the nearest donation center. I then went on a solo journey that ultimately changed my life! 1 year later I was married with a child.

10 Habits that were Changed⬇️

1. Negativity🚫 got kicked out of my home. That included the thoughts, the guest, and the frequent visitors known as Ms. Perfectionist, Depression, Loneliness, & Boredom. The more positive thoughts you have the easier it becomes to diminish the existence of these traits, feelings and illness.

2. Romance novels became my Best Friend! I learned how to dream romantically and how to love romantically.

3. I painted a dream board of my family and I visited them daily mentally. I knew the characteristics I wanted to attract and I behaved accordingly. Embarking upon a new journey of learning to dress, act, and carry myself like a women, wife and mother.

4. I opened the gates to my heart. Play time was over, it was time to walk the pavement of self-love in order to attract and identify a love gifted for me. Our best love trait is having the ability to speak love with our body language, this way words are not required in order to grab the attention of a man or woman across the room and or sitting right in your presence.

5. Acceptance buried me in my positive thoughts as I layed down for bed each night. I completely engaged as if I was conversing with my daily goals & achievements right then and there.

6. Discipline! As long as I was in New Territory, I was not going backwards. People of my past stayed there! I was sure to engage with different individuals in order to practice how to loose energies that were moving on a foreign frequency to mine.

7. Order! After the #1 is the #2 and so forth. I understood in order to have a life for Me, I had to follow steps that I created based on where I started from and where I wanted to go. I realized, forementioned & guided steps created by others were not ordained for people living in self-realization, self-love and self-guidance.

8. Power! The strength gained while living day to day, appeared and took initiative in my consistent journey. You are the Power you possess. Little Power, Little Life! Little Strength, Little Endurance!

9. What is worry and fear? Strongholds diminished. They can’t live where positive thoughts reside! Everyday I checked my warning light⚠️ for signs of fear and or worry. That light screams immediate attention.

10. My last name was destined to represent me. I am now Mrs. Blount the wife of a man who was on my wavelength and frequency when he moved to Dallas, TX “for a fresh start”, after I relocated there months prior to.

Also, I am a mother to a very advanced and peaceful child, in which while carrying him my emotions were very stable as he went along this year journey inside of me. And yes he was spoken into existence also!

To add, As 1, we are a very Blount family! Surrounded by all unique qualities, where we learn eachother daily in the most loving & humble way.

#ItsABlountThing💞 & Laws of Attraction gets all the credit!

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Photo: By Gabe Brown

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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