Love Letter Part 1

So there’s this woman, with an innocent child, who survived a quick transition from a house with a husband, to a home without a man; who’s writing this love letter to a gentleman. A man who has been persistently finding value in her beauty, and asked if this chance could turn into a romance! That women is me!

Here’s a little love letter. 😘

Dear, My Pebble Rock!,

You came in my life in my eyes the size of a pebble. Who’s this loyal man, amazing father, persistent and very cool, calm and collective FINE man who’s socially approaching me?
Again, I looked at your picture, looked into your eyes and instantly gave a part of myself to you. A little guilty yes from not believing in the outdoors years ago. Outdoors meaning, interactions with a man who lives outside my city, and outside my reach of understanding.
But the part of me that would walk to the edge of a river and look over very cautiously, is the part of me I presented and was willing to explore. You see, something so small as a pebble at that time softened me up, opened my eyes, and touched my heart. I instantly wanted to hold this pebble/ you! I instantly wanted to take it home! And although you found me in the lost and found, I instantly wanted possession of you!
Babe I went to the edge on that Saturday and looked down that stream of water because I decided on that day to flow with you! I decided on that day that I will give you the opportunity to show me if you can go through life’s waves with me!
And water lengths later you are now my Rock! The qualities of a man you possess will NOT allow me to view you as anything less than unique, developed and a raw transformation, similar to a rock’s development process.
Therefore, I’m following your lead and I’m opening up! I’m following your lead and I’m very expressive! Ultimately, I’m following your lead because as I’m learning more and more about you, I can see how your heart is bigger than any pebble! And your communication flows like a subtle stream of water!
Boo be my rock! I happily choose you! Loyal I am to you, meaning I handed over my flirtatious card in order to flirt with only you! 💕💏

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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