My Story ➡️ Employee, Day Trader, FOREX Trader, Gardener ➡️ What is a SPAC & Children Chasing Cheese

What is a SPAC explained and why as a mom this is the best investment strategy that fits my current circumstances. I also understand the importance of teaching the next generation about their investment options. Realestate is my passion, trading is my hobby; in which I have a several hobbies (gardening one).

Having a child meant I had to give up the goal of making money day in and day out; to then focus on ways I can spend quality time with my son. These sacrifices were made ultimately as an investment into his future.

This video will show you the program I put together and how although I’m not trading and gardening as much as I use to, I have a vision. This vision is my way of investing into my son Legend and also into your children. This is my life purpose. 

Youtube Video ➡️

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Forever Yours,

SC Happily

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