Taking Back Your Light In Cloudy Spaces❓

“Universal connection evokes power when your vulnerability create energy and your God create purpose”. SC Happily

Living Life: If you strip away your personal developed knowledge/education, what’s remaining; your 👈🏾👉🏾 day to day programming by self or society, and your day to day lines of communication with someone of a higher power (God of your understanding).

So I ask, are you programming light in darker places than you’ve been? And are you bringing light to your dark places left unhealed?

In the complete unfold of who you are, you attract the life you have, and people who are similar to your energies and thoughts; more often your spoken thoughts. Considering we are what we speak right; speaking things into existence everyday. No one ever mentions how this is defined as Faith by Thought . 🧐

To add, skills (You have Skills) are the result of what’s within and what you are naturally able to black-out to (lose track of time doing).

My last point to regard,

When you’re off, out of spirit/ alignment with your chakras and relationship with God, you then waste time. Now imagine time not existing by the tick tick of the clock but by the destination of your universal efforts and creations. PS. By your level of light in cloudy places.

Where are you? Can You Relate To This. Part. Of. Yourself. The Choice To Evoke Your Power Within.

Yours Truly and Kindly,

SC Happily

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