Testing DNA 🧬 Mating Vs. Motherhood Logic : Weak In Nature

Mothers Were Strong Because They Did It Alone. #SmallFacts.

Women Are Stronger When They Learn To Be A Feminine Woman: Stronger With A Man. #BigFacts

Surviving doesn’t make you stronger. Seeing the world from only your point of view, doesn’t make you stronger.

You are stronger, maturer and more whole when you grow. When your circumstances change for the better. Ultimately, mothers were never created to exemplify this level of strength.

The moment you bare a child, your hormones are instantly attracted to Fatherly attributes possessed by men who are fathers. You’re stronger when you match your motherly weakness to a strong fatherly leader. Ignoring what’s within does not make you strong. You have to want it bad enough …. You attract who you are; sometimes a false reality of your strength. Aka Grown Boys in Making, Weak.

Specifically, 👉🏾Circumstantial Longevity 👈🏾 is similar to a lab rat running in ⭕️ s alone … it doesn’t make the rat stronger. Truthfully and hard to accept, the rat is weaker.

Happily Yours,

SC Happily

#LegacyLiving #ChildrenChasingCheese

(Intro into my lab rat series)

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