This is History ⚠️ The Making of a Successful Stand Alone WOMAN: #Feminism

The Why:

Female Lab Rats are commonly denied testing.

In Comparison, I’ll relate this testing to alive & breakthing women. Black women 1st: They have a greater chance of not having an active father, which is equivalent to no male exposure. LabRats

The How

  1. Create a Consumeristic American Dream
  2. Division for The Weak: Unity For The Strong
  3. Remove the Man: A Logical Thinker
    3a. Results: Men raised by mothers to act like a woman; Childish if raised by an immature mother.
  4. Market To The Woman: An Emotional Lover
    4a. Socially, also Market to these Emotional Men
  5. Together they are the information posters on social media.

The Results

  1. Encourage The Love of Things In Place Of
    5a. The Newspaper Implemented (but what about people who didn’t read). TV programming couldn’t manipulate billions (marketing to women). #SocialMedia solution, which markets to again 👯‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  2. How hard will they work for the things they love?
    (Overworked, Tired needing to vent, bored needing entertainment, to waist time, to be heard and understood)
  3. 1st Generation of Successful Women Proud ✅ But divided from their families and entitled children. Accepting, no one can do it all. Perfection was never an Option.
  4. Distracted and Unhealthy.
    (Mentally, physically and emotionally)
  5. Left to Think Like A Man or Rebel (Alone)

The Others

  1. This is the reason most healthy, wealthy and married families aren’t on social media.
  2. The plan was created to make money off of the “others” “consumers”.
  3. And for others to live life in partnership, in community, in secrecy.

My View: This is history❗️⚠️

Happily Yours,


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