#FeminineEnergy💘How To Keep A Waiting List of Marriage Potential…

✨Love is Simply The Greatest Energy On Earth✨

These Steps Will Require You to With Respect,
💕 Court 1 Man Seriously at A Time.
💞A Man who’s not in position for marriage will wait.

  1. Show A Person Who You Really Are With No Explaination Needed: Vulnerability Required. They will ask to marry you once they notice. If they don’t, move on ASAP.
  2. Befriend them with task


  1. You are to save 6 months savings from this day
    1a. Starting something anew will require cleaning up all of your past & putting yourself in position for growth. They can share their financial picture if they are serious. (To provide for 2 additions My Son and I, will require preparation)

2a. Refrain from sleeping with strippers, instagram models, easy low vibrating individuals for 6 months. Attract classy women, very active mothers only & or sugar babies if you are serious. A wife will inherit all of that negative energy otherwise.

  1. Lose 20-50lbs depending on current size and or gain healthy muscles. I can’t imagine marrying someone not healthy. It’s a wife’s passion to take care of you. Reminder children pick up on unhealthful habits: As I am also seeking a Male Role Model.
  2. Learn to feed your muscles, or take vitamins, or change your diet. Again, I can’t imagine marrying someone not healthy, I am a parent who leads by example; not by what I say.
  3. Have atleast or build a bond with atleast 1 successful married man. Hire an image consultant if you can afford one. You are a representation of who’s in your circle.
  4. If you notice broken relationships with their family, ask them to spend time with God or a therapist as they heal and mend the love. This way they can get the attention they deserve from these individuals.
    6a. Remember you will consider marrying into a whole family.
  5. In love, share your love and encouragement. Cheer them on. And closely but from a distance watch them VIBRATE HIGHER! Attracting you back to them will happen naturally.
  6. Loose them in Love if at ANY stage they waiver or the moment you realize they are not moving like your husband.

Love is Patient! Love is Energy! Lasting Love is Work!

💝If He Found You Already In Position; Submit to Him 🥰 Live the Good Life 🙌🏾 LegacyLivingLifestyle

SC Happily

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    I love it!


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