I Am Black Power! And I Dream Real Big Like My Ancestors Did! ✊🏾

Those closest to me who personally watched me conquer like an action figure would always ask, what made you start dreaming so big… (How)

My answer💄: It’s truly a soul thing. I’m connected to my ancestors in a way I can hear them, they cheer me on, and they lead me. To add, there is a God of many things who I embrace and learn from; living by learning. And I take all of that and vibrate higher. I meditate in a way that allows me to fill up with energy. I then time travel within those energies by the power that’s within me. I loose anything that diminishes my power.

I Am Black Power! And I Dream Real Big Like My Ancestors Did! ✍🏽

Be Careful For What You Ask For They Say!

But I Dream Big!

Your Future is so Bright!

Because I Dream Big!

To Think At 18, as an adult, I could see my future and even now, I can see It, I know where I’m going! 🙌🏾

Higher! 🙏🏾



(Pic of My College Days: Striving for A’s, while checking on the homeless family I was Breaking Rules For)

Good things come to those who do good!
I really wish I can find this baby girl, she would be 14 now, hopefully living in Nashville, TN.

My History Class Book and My Journal On The Desk.
The #Power of Knowing Your History and Journaling.

Happily Yours,

SC Happily

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