Millennials Are America’s Most Economically Cursed Generation”. And Here Comes ⬇️

Change. Inflation.

The car industry will do everything they can to make the new higher prices stick, to help cover the expenses of the switch to electric vehicles. Reasons to longterm invest in electrical car parts stocks and or learn the trade.

In this regard,
Being upside down on a vehicle is even more common if you can’t afford the car outright and those -3k ex. amounts will increase.

Future Read

In addition, millenials greatest fall will be the challenges facing future house foreclosures, business failures, divorce cost, health related cost and in living grown children. No one ever think it’ll be them,

So save up! Invest Up! Hide money even from yourself 💯 and be careful with those 2nd mortgages and accumulated debts.

So grateful we’ve survived the catastrophes of the dot-com bust, Sept. 11, two long wars, the financial crisis and its jobless recovery, and a pandemic.
We are stronger together, we just have to be strategic and disciplined. 🙌🏾

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Happily Yours,

SC Happily

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