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Have your Dream Become your Liability?

Greetings to You, the man or woman who woke up today with another chance to either succumb to your liabilities or grow with your assets. We all have them, Dreams…… Mommy, Daddy, I want to be a _________. (Dream Profession) Boss I deserve and am qualified to be a _________. (Dream Position) Self thoughts surrounded… Continue reading Have your Dream Become your Liability?

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Joy Trumps Blows

Joy lives in a soul that controls outer forces and how close their blows come to tearing a part a happy home. Joy appears behind smiles of gratefulness and laughs embraced in wholeness; Leaving no room for terrorist attacks or threats. Joy is a Power Force that embraces your past, present and future, giving more… Continue reading Joy Trumps Blows

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I Believe in Chiropractic!

My assignment today, to write my “Why”; (Why I wake up and go to work).  Well here it goes: Daily I desire to witness practice members transform from being a product of their environment (work and or lifestyle), into a product of good health, specifically through chiropractic care. Ultimately, by making being correctly aligned in… Continue reading I Believe in Chiropractic!



👄 Anticipation 👄 👙 Undressed Truths 👙 I Live To Write!!! My Promise to God on a very memorable day was to Write About Life, and To Live Like No One I Know; Without Fear and No Longer By A Book because (How can I live by a Book when I was created to write… Continue reading Anticipation


Inner Fire (If)

If You can Dream to Be and Be the Dream,  Could you live with the Fact that you Never woke up, You never spoke up, and You never showed up? If You can Love to Be and Be the Love, Could you live with the fact that you never gave it your all, that you… Continue reading Inner Fire (If)