Purposed Driven, Dream Focused, and a Visionary living within the Millennial Realm. Characteristically, she’s authentic, transparent, optimistic, a master of self expression, community oriented and a Brand Ambassador.



A Mother


Forthcoming Projects:

The Creator of Children Chasing Cheese Money Games, Curriculums and Books. 📚 

Initially titled A Combination of Dreams:

3 Part Book Series for Children, Young Adults and Parents. While editing my 1st draft, I refocused on the fact that we’re all dreaming: We’re all playing a combination of money games in order to make those dreams become a part of our reality. Coherently, bringing my Dreams to Life #ChildrenChasingCheese 

A Spoken Word

A Message For Both Readers and Writers:
To what extent has man reached greatness? We walk a walk that men recognize and we talk a talk that leaves some mesmerized. We live one life, we have one chance, to create and recreate our inner man. Writing is living, would you agree? Children Chasing Cheese is here and is a must read, that builds lifetime legacies. The fact of the matter is, each letter of the alphabet makes a sound; now how many letters do you need to read and then comprehend for the world to hear?
Remembering a day will come when “they” will only hear about you: Your physical presence then leaving behind all your cheese 🧀 .

Encouraging you to Write and Declare that you’re a Writer, allowing your Greatness to be determined by the letters on your sheet of paper.

To Read Children Chasing Cheese, Tell Somebody about it, Spread the Great News, that Greatness is Contagious.

To Ultimately Live By Writing: Heal By Writing: And To Grow Through Your Writing.

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SC Happily