Title: A Combination of Dreams 

What’s the Combination to your Vault?

Today could be your first day of college. Are you prepared? Let’s go over your checklist. Tuition check, transportation check, class registration check, books check. Do you have enough spending money? How much money do you think you’ll need? What if I told you that you can survive college with $300 every semester? This book will walk you through how Katie graduated with little to no spending money and still had an experience similar to the other 1,500 students who arrived at First State University on freshman check in day. Her dreams will take her farther than she imagined. But her mentality will be the reason she will in the end walk up to the bank teller and ask for a safe to deposit her college savings, worth more than 5 times the average American savings account. How did she make it, where did she get all of her money?

The wisdom gained from my college experience provoked me to write this book. It was devastating watching so many young adults lose themselves, their money, their identity, their purpose, and their ability to dream because of lack of or too much spending money in college; I then received an urge to write. I would like to share how being financially wise will guide you, direct you, never leading you astray. Money shouldn’t be the reason we dream. The houses, cars, kids, clothes, and vacations, shouldn’t be the reason we dream. We should dream to be all that we can be. Remembering that, having dreams is just the beginning to achieving them.

Katie had an average dream but was faced with extraordinary circumstances. She wanted to graduate college, own a home, marry her Mr. Right and save a significant amount of money. But in order for her to accomplish half of what she sought after, she had to defeat having a mental ill mother, a lost brother, no spending money while attending college and somehow figure out the combination to the locked door at her grandmother’s house. On top of that she had 5 boyfriends and a crush, which should’ve been a distraction but instead she conquered not losing her identity to temporary love. To add, above all she wanted to accomplish, she had to sort through her dreams because her success was embedded within them.

You may think you know The Combination to your Dreams, or to your level of success, but this book will teach you that the key is focusing on what you don’t know. You see what you heard about college, graduating from college and being an adult is not nearly what it’s actually going to be like. Somewhere along the way your sources will leave out all of the intricate details. Someone may have even tried to give you the answer key to life, but it could never include all of the obstacles that you will endure and the test that have to conquer. So I ask that you turn the page and experience Katie’s journey; while holding on to your dreams because A Combination of Dreams may have your missing key!

Open the Vault and See!