Africa Our Africa


Dear Mr. Meme,

Pertaining to a Revolving Meme Of “African Americans going Back to Africa if Trump wins”:

The only person going back to Africa is Obama,…….and for a visit that is.

And honestly, majority of African Americans find their identity in material things, literally the Broke Trump, filled with hate, drama, selfish tendencies and minimal love for others.

Do you really think Africa desire for you to take them back 100 years?

Do you really think you can survive in a country where having babies does not afford you free housing, food, and medical care? Instead, they’ll inspire the inner you to rise up to the responsibilities amongst you?

Do you really think you’ll be comfortable residing in a country where what the media portrays rule your every thoughts, opinions and realism of the real world?

Pennies on the dollar type of living, are you first too prideful to become an immigrant, working very hard to prove your very existence?

My relevant recommendation is that you find the Power within yourself to Start Out, Stand Strong, To Be Wise, & to Succeed in spite of Opposition. America needs you!

From a person who understands,

We Are All Americans In Different Shades!

Remembering, Self Identity Rules!

S.C. Happily

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