GREATNESS On A Sheet of Paper


For Both Readers and Writers:

To what extent has man reached greatness? We walk a walk that men recognize and we talk a talk that leaves some mesmerized. We live one life, we have one chance, to create and recreate our inner man. Writing is living, would you agree? Letter & is here and is a must read, that builds lifetime legacies. The fact of the matter is, each letter of the alphabet makes a sound; now how many letters do you need to read and then comprehend for the world to hear?


  1. Encouraging you to Write and Declare that you’re a Writer, allowing your Greatness to be determined by the letters on your sheet of paper.
  2. To Read Letter &, Tell Somebody about it, Spread the Great News, that Greatness is Contagious.
  3. To Ultimately Live By Writing: Heal By Writing: And To Grow Through Your Writing.

Welcome Aboard!

From Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily

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