Our President Elect

Dear People in Pain & Fear,

Yes!, He has chances of failing because no man is perfect.


But he also has chances of succeeding! Bringing more companies to America, motivating the lower class to contribute to the economy and use their intellects to become business minded instead of democratic minded (where’s my 40 acres and freebies). To make a legal passageway for immigrants to make America their home: Side-note,  there’s a chance the illegal immigrants residing here may freely give up their residency now that he’s in office.

It’s a 50/50 chance…. But he’s a smart guy and it’s best for us to put aside our differences and grow with America. It’s obvious America is a wealth seeking country, what other reason would we vote for a Non-Political Experienced Businessman?

Yes the racism, gender hate and a growing economical gap has unfortunately historically been in the making for years. Exactly why it’s intelligent for an expat to relocate in order to achieve making Billions: This rule stands, the only way to share wealth is to first gain wealth and that’s not changing anytime soon.

It’s definitely a sad day in America’s Political Campaign History for some,

Where Freedom of Speech Ruled & Financial Power Made Itself Known!

But Let’s Breath and leave next year’s worries for next year’s President Elect, banking on his business skills, instead of his character.


Positivity goes a long way,

S.C. Happily


  1. exoticnita54 says:

    Wow 😳 a true trump follower..

    You are entitled to your views..
    And that’s your way of justifying your opinions.

    We will soon all find out the direction he will be taking.. and his intentions..
    I just know he will definitely abuse his power.. and FUCK.. everyone who doesn’t agree with his choice..
    he already thinks he is indispensable and invincible

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    1. S.C. Happily says:


      I totally understand and admit that he is the wrong man for the job! I also understand that we have had many president hickups. I absolutely did not vote for Donald Trump, but I understand how the Democratic nominee failed us this time go round.

      We have our good, not so good and mediocre.

      I could go on and on about him thinking he’s indispensable and when Isis grows, not if …. Somehow I pray humily finds him. Not to mention everything he will have to answer for within himself. He’s a Narcissistic, yes!

      I’m just humble enough to hope that he encourages those that hate him to rise and to succeed, instead of being angry and fearful.

      No man on this earth granted Power should reach our inner souls.

      Thanks for replying.
      From a Not Trump Voter
      But,…..He is the Elect

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      1. exoticnita54 says:

        Yep.. he is the elect..,
        Whether or not we approve…

        We just have to hope for the best. And hope he makes the right choices for us and this beautiful country of the USA..

        He got his chance to prove himself as the president..
        We will see what and how he does..

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      2. S.C. Happily says:

        I don’t even think he understand the population of America and how the diversity of Black, White, Americans, Immigrants, Poor, Rich, Straight, LGBT, etc…..is what America stands for. Unity We Are! Just hoping he doesn’t ruin it!

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      3. exoticnita54 says:

        We will find out in the next four years..


  2. Lisa Hill says:

    I know I speak for everyone that I personally know in Australia when I say that we are all shocked that someone with opinions and behaviour like his, has been elected. True, you’ve had some dud presidents in the past, and America has recovered afterwards. I just hope that minorities will not suffer under his term of office.


    1. S.C. Happily says:

      We’re all very hopeful. But Donald Trump is a Businessman, who hasn’t had to consider minorities for anything, except for paying hispanics minimal wages and banking on others to grow his business. Everything he stated he would do was stated out of ignorance, because he has never been in any political office.

      His ears has been opened, as he’s listening to the current President educate him on policy, and I’m sure his staff will be educating him along the way.

      His arrogance, rudeness and character flaws will hopefully change to a more polished, disciplined and mature Politician …. Considering the needs of our country, instead of growing his company, his Brand, and becoming a quote on quote, more Powerful Man with the Title President.

      #Hopeful indeed


  3. grevisangel73 says:

    Hi S. C. I find your optimism noble, but on a person unworthy of it. Giving him a chance, he has shown nor demonstrated any sign to show he has any intentions of doing anything other than what he wants, and what is to his benefit. he is not going to suddenly convert and become a different and decent person. He will never be humble, and always see himself as better and smarter than the rest. He does not understand the concept of humility, and diplomacy. I could go on and on just about what he has and hasn’t done since he has been elected, but like the rest of his career, all I see is an egotistical huckster. Look at his appointees, you needn’t look any further.
    He is above everyone else, his arrogance is as visible as ever. Just because he has the office, does not mean he is worthy of it. He is a person who reacts without thought of later consequences. He makes determinations by his emotions and not logic and reason. This may work in a business model, but can not work in a political one. I respect your opinions though and hope I am wrong, but if we look back at history, it has always been our best teacher.
    I am afraid that the pages of history are being discarded, as they always do by people whose egos and mentality refuse to be humbled

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  4. S.C. Happily says:

    I totally agree with everything you stated! Previous Arrogant Presidents will prove your views….Just hoping he succeed and not destroy our land.

    Lord knows I dislike the decision America has made but I understand why ppl put their faith in the hands of Arrogance, and an unworthy man. Because he’s a Business Man, and we’re a country of Greed, Not Character. It’s sad but he’s a representation of majority….. citizens of the land of the free. Free to Prosper, to obtain Fame and to Lead the way.


  5. S.C. Happily says:

    But I double like your post!!!


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