Why Blog, To Create Magic!!!

Open book magic on black

If I said I believed in magic, would you call me a child?

What if I said I believed in the magic of letters, would you care to hear more?

I’ll propose this,

Letters create words that are seen with our eyes, transcribed into our brains, and are heard within our ears. For those who are blind, the feeling of Braille creates words within the movement of one’s fingers; that’s magic, living in the creation of self ability.

I’ll remind you,

When looking at a blank sheet of paper, there’s no telling what will appear when there’s ink in a pen: At that instant moment one word becomes a sentence, a phrase, and a story; which is then magic! Ultimately, the results are impressionable beyond what one word could mean standing alone, giving you several reasons to blog.

Blogging for me is Living. Just as I store memories in my mind, I desire to store them on our World Wide Web; never knowing how my words may encourage or inspire someone. The magic in using letters and words to blog by S.C., is accomplished by being Transparent: And at some point in our lives we all wished we could become invisible; but if we were, we would’ve denied ourselves the ability to expose our light, our gifts, and wisdom from our day-to-day experiences.

Therefore, I encourage you to read my blogs and experience the magic!

I’ll leave you with this, “It’s a good thing to be seen by others, but the key is for them to experience the recreation of what you’ve been through, that way they’ll truly understand you”. S.C. Happily



  1. grevisangel73 says:

    Reading and writing have always seemed magic to me. I think we all blog to inspire and create change for the better, to get to know one another, and hopefully understand each other better.

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    1. S.C. Happily says:

      Yes, Yes, Yes. It’s a true fulfillment! I’m so GRATEFUL to have started blogging. One of the best decisions I have ever made!

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      1. grevisangel73 says:

        Me too, I started last year. I didn’t have an idea how or what to do, and never really written anything before, not since I was in school.

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      2. S.C. Happily says:

        Wow, since high school! I’m definitely about to go get some wisdom from your page. Because I’m sure you had a lot built up.

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      3. grevisangel73 says:

        Thanks S.C. but my wisdom is not so great. I am actually a high school dropout.

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      4. S.C. Happily says:

        Wisdom comes from the lessons learned from life’s a## whoopings. School can’t teach you that!

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      5. grevisangel73 says:

        That is true, school can not teach you everything, but it’s really good to have as much of an education as possible. It must be a fair and balanced one. That is hard to achieve with our school systems the way they are. When there is economic disparity among groups of people, they suffer. They are at a disadvantage. I strongly believe in an education system that teaches civics and liberal arts, history, reading and science. Critical thinking is essential in order be able to make informed choices. The system now does not want that for obvious reasons. Even though I quit, I understood even then the importance of a good mind, and I tried to learn as much as I could on my own. I would rather learn that way, than from the biased curriculum that our school systems now have. If I had it to do over again. I would not have made the poor decision I made. I had a lot of problems back then, so for me the best way to deal with them was to not deal with them.

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      6. S.C. Happily says:

        Yes I agree. The curriculums are very biased and they rarely influence growth. Yes you feel smart but you’ll learn much more outside if those classrooms.

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      7. grevisangel73 says:

        Exactly, the people who are responsible for curriculum planning, really have no understanding of the needs in an ever changing society.It’s more of a business, and the students are the ones who miss out and lose getting a full, and valuable education that will help them succeed in their lives. They need a well rounded, inclusive system that excites and encourages learning, and they need to not sugar coat issues that have been in the past.


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