You Have The Green Light Don’t Be Afraid to Go!

Daily we drive, while others survive, down a road that leads somewhere:

Dear Steve Who Stated,

“The hardest shit I have to deal with is being happy, and money can’t fix that”.

Two days ago, a man named Frank was confronted by his wife regarding how lazy he was becoming. Anna, in her abrupt tone, mentioned and repeated, “you’re not reaching your potential and stagnation has no rewards”. Excuses follows, “You don’t motivate me, I’m doing well enough to pay the bills, our children are not lacking for anything, and you have everything you’ve ever imagined… what’s the problem? Without hesitation, Anna replies, the problem is you have no idea where you are going.

A day later, Frank receives a promotion at work and everything Anna stated became obsolete. Where he was going had everything to do with his success on his job, so he thought. A layoff a year later, with $204,000 worth of savings, would introduce him to a dark place; asking himself “what am I to do now”.

A small whisper from his soul responds, “You now have the green light, it’s your turn to go”.

St. Michael’s Church Charleston, SC : Captured by S.C.

Once a problem, not always a problem. Life has ways of changing and so do you! You’re in complete control of where you are going. You may not be in the spotlight, but as long as you are moving, you are progressing.

To add, pain has no light …. so connect with joy; Joy will take you new places, it will introduce you to peace, it will surround you with ambition, and it will lead you to your destination. The key is “your destination”.

From my heart to yours, ask yourself where am I going before you get side tracked by the question, what am I going to do.

Your motivation will increase as you make new goals. Trust yourself and believe in yourself, as this new motivation will give you the endurance you need to drive to your next destination ….. Patiently waiting on your Green Light, because you are going places, just continue to drive!

Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily

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