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Divorcing The Old You 

For the sake of the Bible, I’ll remind you, it’s not a sin to divorce yourself.

You are not the person you use to be and for some, you are not the person you were destined to be. Yes a vow was made: You reassured yourself that for the sake of love you’ll stay, enduring all of life’s implications.

For others, the depths of loneliness filled with streams of companionship brain washed you into a cloud of who am I’s. Years later you are a shipwreck, on a journey that has no identification other than, Jane & John Doe. It’s over! No one recognizes you, so it’s ok. The shame will not go viral; in return a celebration of the the chained up survivor living inside of you. Freedommmmm!

You’re crying, screaming, barely breathing… So Let Go! You’re trying to destroy yourself, the person you see; in eyes that are bleeding, and you are still the reason. In spite of what he or she has done, you have no strength and are overdone with your emotions, enhanced by the unknown of several missing identities.

Write a Letter to Self Stating:

I’m done! Freely confess your non existing sins and your faults. Sit your ring on the table, Sign it and become Somebody other than a Lost Cause. Divorcing Who You Are: Later Marrying Who You Want To Be.

Dear The Divorced & Soon To Be Divorced,

CC: Prior to Dating and Prior to Marrying,

Be Cautioned!


& Divorce Needed!

Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily


I was Born to choose to Live. I'm Purpose Driven and Dream Focused; Also an Author, Investor, Skater & Mother.

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