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12a.m. Thanksgiving Captures

What a Way to Bring Thanksgiving in; Burning Calories Before Our Big Meal.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

& Have a Great Day!


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17 thoughts on “12a.m. Thanksgiving Captures

  1. Wow, I used to love roller skating. I am glad to see that they are using regular skates, instead of inline. I don’t think I could skate on those. I would love to go skating, but I am an older person, and i don’t think there are to many skating places that cater to older people. I used to go in the 70’s. One of my favorite things to do.

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    1. Wow! I’m going to remember to capture a picture of the older Sk8family that currently skate. I can count two handfull of 60+ lol. The older man here in Atlanta is 82 years old. Trust me, Atlanta is the city of ppl who has been skating for 30+ years non-stop. It’s UNBELIEVABLE! So we’re just waiting in you 🙂

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      1. I am 53 and started skating at a rink when I was 11. I haven’t been on a pair of skates in years. I wonder how long it would take me to get back in the groove. I have often thought of how much I missed it. It is also good exercise and a nice chance to get out and be with other people. I knew there were older skaters, I just didn’t think there were any where I live, which is north of Detroit. The rink I used to go to is too far from where I live. I should check websites and see if there are any older groups I really want to go.

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      2. Just listen to the beat, it’ll build your confidence because your natural rhythm hasn’t changed. It’s Absolutely the best workout besides swimming in my opinion. And the people are always supportive and positive. Yes detroit has a great skate community. I have built friendship there overtime with some skaters. And atleast once every three months is worth the time you get to spend with yourself and the skate floor. Also the positive energy is therapy within itself. I support you, there’s a rink some where, hopefully close.

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      3. It’s only once every three months?? I would like to go more than that. I should check on and see if there are any groups, besides the actual rinks. The only thing I don’t like is rental skates.


      4. The closest rink to where I live is at least 20 miles, if not more. If I had a car and they had a session specifically for older people, then it would not matter. I would go as often as possible. The rental skates to me always seemed to be in bad condition. I don’t think they ever took care of them. The wheels never rolled if you tried to roll them by hand and they should be able to roll. I later had my own pair of skates, they were a cheap pair, but I think they were better than the rentals.

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      5. They were old when I went.They were the tan ones, with the orange wheels. I couldn’t wait until I had my own pair. Since my accident I have not been checking anything out, but I do want to get back into it, especially if there are adult sessions.


      6. I agree, it’s a real good workout and I need to lose several pounds. do you mind if I ask how old you are?

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      7. You are a youngster, but you do have the soul and wisdom of one much older. There is a paradox there though, age does not always imply wisdom. I know older people who have not learned anything, and have not progressed in their thinking and beliefs. An essential part of learning for all ages, is the ability to change and adapt, to admit wrongs and try to correct them. if the cycle does not change, you have not progressed.


      8. I always loved skating as I said and it is very good exercise. I checked meetup, and there are no groups. I did not go on rinks website, which would probably give me more information. I can’t really go now anyway even if I wanted to. I had a car accident yesterday, and now I have to deal with that, and I live on a fixed income.

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      9. Yes, I did. The night before Thanksgiving, so my holiday was not such a good one. I do consider myself lucky, I did not get hurt. I can’t say the same about my car.


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