His Hands the African Way

His Hands Has Honest ways of Feeding an Empty, Growling, and Malnutrition Soul. 


It’s the Simple things that God intended to feed our souls. That starts our days, gives us energy and that’s to credit for our growth at night. 

Without Food, we’re all like “a Light Bulb without Electricity” waiting to shine. 


Sharing his Soulful Gift of Simple Love…. 

With full satisfaction I’m giving thanks to his hands.  


Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily


  1. Adewale says:

    I am cherished and honored and glad I had the opportunity to make this meal


    1. S.C. Happily says:

      Hugs and Kisses 3 times. One from my belly, one from my heart and the other one to remind you that I don’t even like you 🙂


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