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Confusions & Conclusions: Should Parents Force Their Religion on their Kids

Can you imagine a world where we’re raised to believe in the Power of Self?
A world where children aren’t exposed to their parent’s belief systems and views of this world: Instead, learning, growing and developing into their own individual being.

Question, is the birth of children intended to continue our parent’s legacy, or for children to one-day live the life they were only given one shot of living?

Question, is it the norm to become accustomed and stricken to a particular lifestyle during childhood years (robotically obeying the rules of our parents and school system), only to rebel when we realize that we know ourselves better than any other human being on this earth, parents and all…. Or do we?

At this critical point in life called adulthood, does anyone really know themselves? Or do we so graciously know what has been influenced, inspired, and sometimes brainwashed and manipulated within us?

The definition of adulthood should stem around the word self discovery instead of responsibilities; because it requires way more flexing, fixing, falling, and adjusting than we may realize.

Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily


I was Born to choose to Live. I'm Purpose Driven and Dream Focused; Also an Author, Investor, Skater & Mother.

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