Pitching 12 Endings

Champions Pitch & Authors Pitch.

Here’s my 20 Seconds Elevator Pitch:

I’m writing a coming of age story of a girl who has a platform that she’s trying to build, granting her the opportunity to reunite with her missing brother, to find true love and to graduate high school on time, just to find out that her ending is not what she thought it would be. 

Open The Vault and See!

I’ve been pitching for the last 12 days and I’ve finally learned how to throw a strike! This has been a very humbling journey as my few first drafts granted me a response of “that’s not a pitch, that’s too detailed, what’s the real message of your book again”, and a room full of other positive confusion; aka critiques. 

Ultimately teaching me how to block out the noise in my head saying, what about her mentally ill mother who’s to blame for her getting off path? What about the locked door at her grandmother’s house and the fact that she had 3 different boyfriends, a crush and a lover and all the other important things this stranger in the elevator should know. To add, should I tell them about the Big Storm and the Bombing. Completely left at stand still, demanding of myself to calm down sports lover, you’re just pitching, not giving a recap of the entire game. 

In the end, I’ve pitched to many pro’s at bat and I’ve decided to humblingly join the champion team.

Champions Pitch.


Champions Perfect their Pitch under pressure, in loud stadiums and for 12 endings if they have to.

Go Go Chicago Cubs!

Yours Forever, 

S.C. Happily

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