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I Believe in Chiropractic!

My assignment today, to write my “Why”;

(Why I wake up and go to work). 

Well here it goes:

Daily I desire to witness practice members transform from being a product of their environment (work and or lifestyle), into a product of good health, specifically through chiropractic care. Ultimately, by making being correctly aligned in the spine a Lifestyle, Free of pain and the use of prescribed medication!

Team, Don’t Believe EVERYTHING Primary Care Doctors say!

Team, Don’t take EVERYTHING your Doctor prescribe you!

Team, Understand how Doctors are educated and how the government make $ off of their procedures and your lack of healthy habits/lack of education!

Team, your Nervous System controls everything, Try Chiropractic 1st, not Surgery!

Team, I believe in in the Natural Way of Living!

Team, newborn babies are far better off with proper alignment, which stabilizes them correctly for growth!

Team, adjust me to get rid of the pain and the root cause of my problem!

Team, I’m not a product of American’s mindset of ignoring the problem by treating the symptoms and prescribing me meds after meds. 

Well, I digress…….Assignment Complete!

GoTeamKeystone 🙂 Keystone Chiropractic!

Located in Plano, TX!

Be Gone:

#Pain, #Diabetes, #Alzheimer’s, #Infertility, #Asthma, #Sinuses, #Allergies, #HighBloodPressure, #IBS, #EarInfections, #Colds, #Flu, #ThyroidIssues, #ADHD, #Depression, #LaborPains, #BedWetting, #MenustualCramps #Headaches #Migraines and many more!

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily


I was Born to choose to Live. I'm Purpose Driven and Dream Focused; Also an Author, Investor, Skater & Mother.

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