Give Me You

Specifically, give me the part of you in which physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually see me; Thereby, giving me the ability to judge your depths of comprehending my inner and outer self-identity.

Scene 1: Back turned and in deep thought, Angie conteplates going to the gym. 10 feet away stands Ted, who can’t seem to get his mind off of what he’s having for dinner tonight. And in one split of a second and a pause in thought, both individuals turn, 180 degrees to be exact. Angie walks over and rubs Ted’s back before then grabbing his right hand. Both heads slightly turns, and as their eyes interlock, reassurance transfers. Without hesitation, Angie’s soft voice whispers, “Follow me”. And in a short distance were two stones. Upon approaching these knee high horizontally aligned stones, Angie jumps straight to it…….

Give- Freely and without hesitation, hand over what you have stored in you.

Me– Yes if my name is on that thought, give me……

You– The you who first encountered such a person from 10 feet away.

Any Thoughts: Strangers? Friends? Correctly Aligned Energy?

Thinking,…….who has the right to request, “for you to give me the part of you in which physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually see me”?

Takeaway: The Power of Internal Progression far outweighs the Popularity of what you Physically see.


Forever Yours,

S.C Happily

*A Woman engulfed in Self-Identity*

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  1. If this isn’t the truth!!!
    How can one grow with another if they can’t see them for what they are on the inside whether spiritually, emotionally, physically or mentally? Internal progression is by far more important than what is on the outer shell of a person.
    I love this post đź’Ż

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