Countdown to 2018: Goal Buying a Home

Combination of a Dream Tip Kickoff: Combo Tip:

If you bought a home in 2017 (Congratulations) or have plans of buying a home in 2018,

  • Try to Resist Home Equity Loans/2nd Mortgages At All Cost! Now or in the Near Future.

1. Understand first and foremost, this year and next year will precisely be a Seller’s Market.

2. Understand, the housing market has consistently increased 5-8% since the housing market crash in 2008, which is far above the 3% average yearly gains.

3. Understand, buying in a Seller’s Market means you ARE BUYING HIGH!

4. Understand, Housing Market increases in equity can’t last forever, there will be a drop.


5. Understand, 2nd Mortgages and Home Equity Loans are very risky for buyers who bought high with hopes of one day selling high.

For more Facts and Figures:

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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