Greatest Achievements for 2017

1. Making an Audio for my unborn at 6 weeks so he can hear his purpose while in the womb.

2. Moving to Dallas, a place I’m growing to love; and meeting new people who are becoming dear to me.

3. Experimenting with both Young and Grown Men, and taking my time to get remarried: Turning down the opportunity to do so!

4. Never Giving Up, but Knowing When to Let Go!

5. Having a Year of Joy and Peace, Not One Argument and Completely Stress Free!

6. Falling In Love With My Twin/Bestfriend! But staying completely single!

7. Denouncing my Faith from Organized Religion! NO LONGER BOUND or mentally construed!

8. Building a Relationship with my Mom with Boundaries of Respect.

9. My Camping Experience!

10. Loving Myself more than Anyone Else!

11. Paying Off My Car! Completely freeing myself of all previous marital ties!!!

12. Retired by 30!

13. Trading Forex!

I’m literally ALL SMILES!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


So Happy to Be,

S.C. Happily

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