January 9th & 10 {ComboTip}

Acceptance: Do you really need a God to explain your yesterday, today and tomorrow?

  • Explanations shouldn’t be your go to in order to find Motivation.

Acceptance: Do you really need a spirit to lead and steer you down a path that’s pleasing to you, not to mention may not be easy for you?

  • Forever living a Battle; go left, go right, stop, slow down, park!

Acceptance: Does the thought of your afterlife hold more meaning than your RIGHT NOW life?

  • The difference between fear and hope vs. Boldness, Courageousness.

Tip: If you spend more time,

  • searching for answers and clarification
  • waiting for clues and directions
  • and hoping your time here on earth result in an unimaginable destination

Understand that you’ve missed several opportunities to live a life of full Acceptance!


Who You Are,

Where You Are,

What You Want Out of Life,

And Why Your When Can I Begin Living how I want to Live, can be RIGHT NOW without guilt or shame!

*Instead of making a Habit of Waiting for Explanations, Clarifications and Directions*!

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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