Why Most People Live Double Lives

Today I witnessed a very detailed coming out scenario in the form of a dream, taken place in a dark room, with 3 mature adults, who were innocent in every way: But clueless as to the nights ending; where several life altering statements were going to be made, “I can’t keep pretending”.

It hit me clear as day as I opened my eyes, most people live double lives because of their affiliation with religion. Once they’re able to accept what they initially viewed as their shortcomings or sin, they’re then able to begin a journey of self-discovery. Upon this new journey, they’re also able to get to know themselves through what some view as “immoral gender interactions”. (Any scenario can be used here 👆🏽)

Thanks to a book I’ve been reading Leaving Your Religion, I’m able to put words to what I’ve been able to see for years. Religion is anti self-credit, and anti self-emphasis but all for self-denial and self-sacrifice, which explains why I’m drawn to this topic.

For those of you who could relate, understand you have moral standards that are just as valuable as anyone elses and your identity is never a shortcoming, even if it wasn’t a part of your upbringing. James Mulholland said it best, “what if sin brought you the most happiness you’ve ever felt”? In that case it wouldn’t be sin, instead it becomes something that works better for you. (Disreguard if you still fear going to hell)

For awhile, I have felt a deep sense of sorrow in the pits of my soul for those who have been and those who are currently bound. Especially those who are chained to the words in a religious book, based on others beliefs; which has in the past and somewhat in the present, rules out cultural acceptance.

Which brings me to my final thought, no one is ever prepared for the feeling of rejection; but the steps demanded by this journey requires teaching others how to view you, treat you, love you and ultimately dismiss you (if it’s in the best interest of your livelihood).

Remember we need others throughout our journey of life but we were not born to live how they desire to view us.

There’s an easy solution to a lot of these judgements, #LookAway if you don’t like what you see.

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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