How to Hold On When The Wind Blows

I’m breathing, and I’m believing it’s already better! C’mon now, it is just wind!

I live by, when the wind blows, hold on!

Hold on to your strength, hold on to your support team, hold on to your closest friends, and most importantly hold on to who you are!

I talk so much about self-love and self-identity because when facing life’s most tragic events, those are two things that are living within you; and no disaster can touch them and …..

1. They become a force when prior effort has been put forth to build their value in your life.

2. They are life’s go to when you need help getting back on course.

3. They create direction when you’ve lost your way.

4. They are your small voice that speaks direct affirmations.

5. They give clarity to each and every situation. (If you love yourself and know yourself, clarity comes natural)

6. They allow you to accept the consequences of your actions.

7. They allow you to accept the fact life happens, & the wind will blow, possibly blowing you in the right direction!

So no need to take precautions, the daily news had no clue. This leads you to your only option, keep breathing, because once again it’s already getting better! Actually it was better before the break of wind. Self-love and Self-identity built walls of protection just for you, so just hold on!

#FutureDivorcee #ImNotAshamed

Calling this Picture a #NaturalDisaster



Forever Yours,


S.C  Happily


  1. Queta says:

    😍🤗👑❤ You’re amazing!


    1. Jacqualitta Jenkins says:

      Yes she is Queta😍😘😘


  2. I love your spirit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. S.C. Happily says:

      I just want to say I enjoyed your blogs as I have made a huge transition from my recent divorce! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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