Vulnerabilities here on Earth Through Grief

In memory of a colleague. Troy Corder

✔ I’m smiling as always, can’t you see I’m okay.

✔ I jumped out the bed and fully completed my tasks for the day, can’t you see, I’m okay.

✔ I answered all calls and text like I was suppose to, doesn’t that make me on the right side of being okay?

Look here I am,

In reality, because my eyes are open and yours are not, I’m convincing myself, that makes me better than okay.

Yes it’s very true, I’m hiding my other eye full of fears and tears; Contemplating whether to critique the world I’m forced to still see.

The fact is: We fight everyday with the choice of finding freedom in our vulnerabilities; Grief and sadness is just the beginning of that fight.


  1. the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

    #Freedom #Exposed #Attacked

    Final thoughts,

    I understand that I’m exposed the moment I smile, speak, and go out into the world. I understand it’s my responsibility to protect myself from the attacks of this world. I also understand that I’m free, because I still have the chance to show the world, just how okay I really am‼

    🙌🏿 Your fight is over! Cancer spoke and took your voice, ultimately paralysing you; But guess what, your stages of vulnerability, strengthened the world around you. And for that I thank you! Rest Well 🤗

    Yours Forever,

    S.C. Happily

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