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#ISpeak: When the Power of God Lives Within You

I speak life into my babies babies. I am their generation curve, denouncing a religious curse!

I speak, I will be their resource when no others are near. Taking full responsibility of the magic created within me.

I speak, my children will learn how to be millionaire minded from the wound! Engulfed in my Power to create, invent, and build.

I speak, I will be their wise Jew, & I will be their dark skinned white male role model (figuratively) .

I have taken on this challenge and I can’t stop now!

Unteaching myself everything I was taught is what death feels like! …….but I have chosen to live daily by the untaught truths, so my kids can then live abundantly!

Respecting where I’ve come from, a Radical Christian; Becoming a self-made millionaire who had to learn discipline, vision and when to act in order to grow.

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

A free woman who then loves and values every belief system


I was Born to choose to Live. I'm Purpose Driven and Dream Focused; Also an Author, Investor, Skater & Mother.

2 thoughts on “#ISpeak: When the Power of God Lives Within You

  1. Such a well out way of looking at life.
    Just going you a little while, I know your Achievement a will thought out.
    Do what you have to do for happiness

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the motivation! Yes I had to get a little experience under my belt before I felt comfortable enough to speak. But the time is now! Tha k you for reading my declaration!


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