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▶️ Pisces Water Baby Drenched Wet And Loving It 📹Legend Cooper

😍 #Pisces Water Baby 😍

Quarantine Challenge:
Legend finally said “Mama”, off in the distance, again after waiting a whole year in a half. 😍 Yet, I’m still waiting for him to call me mama directly. Practicing Patience!

But I must admit, it’s so hard patiently waiting for your child to speak, instead of watching him revert backwards. And just when Legend was finally approved for Speech therapy (being significantly behind) the world put an E- Learning stamp on it. How do a busy 2 year old suppose to sit still?

Most ppl say just wait he’ll start talking but I know my child. Nonverbal Communication has been his go to. And just when he say a new word, he then refuses to use it after a few days or week.

Hoping him saying “u see”, “ball”, and “u wanna do it again” finally stick even if I have to continue to wait on #Mama.

Anyways, days like this makes me smile! Yes I want to do it again!

#feelinghopeful #TheWaitIsReal


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