Easy Solution To Being Valued While Black in America: Spend Less, Build More

Oh the trend ….. The same ones who say the battle is the Lord’s are the loudest, but take no action (1st within themselves) when the trend ends. Hoping and relying on a higher Powered God to fix it. Acceptance is 👉🏾 IT can’t be fixed until generations grow wiser. #WisdomWins

#DearBlackPeople: The skin you wear is less valued because the Black dollar is most easily recieved (spenders) (easy target).

In this case, the real blame was a thief, a person of color, who decided not to work hard for the dollar. Who decided to continue the bad representation of a race less worthy, and guilty based on color association.

In my two eyes, I see how we’re helping devalue ourselves by not building but by being takers and spenders. Left wishing, if only history could hold people accountable and our ancestors could speak to the nation of people wearing the skin they died in.

But oh well is all I can say at this moment and grateful this Battle is Not Mine!

#HealWellAmerica #RestWellYoungman #AhmaudArbery #CondolenscesToHisFamily

Thinking out loud: Yours Truly,

SC Happily

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