If my son wanted $5 today, he would’ve woke up to it (from his own money). #Legend’s Penny Stock Analysis.

➡️Goal: Raising a kid who will NEVER ask their parents for $. My answer: Go make your own $ 🤣

ChildrenChasingCheese #RatRaceProof

  1. Wait for the market uptrend/ Movement. (Yesterday was a perfect signal to buy)
  2. Buy on the dip. (LOOK AT THE CHART)
  3. Cash out & Buy at Next Dip
  4. Or Hold for $1

FYI: This is for inspiration of what’s going on in Legend’s portfolio and for parents to invest their cashback savings. I do not give specific entry points, as a family it’s something everyone should learn together.

Forever Yours,

SC Happily

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