Creating Wealth Investing In #SPAC’s: The Best New Trading Opportunity For Unconditioned Women

SPAC’s are “creating the greatest wealth opportunities in history”. Vivek Ranadive

Days like this I truly wish I was a white man in America. MANY PEOPLE WILL SAY WHOA!! The facts are, all races of women are still “scared” of charts, wealth and talking about making money make money. (They want a man to make the money for them).

Yet and still, women of all races are achieving much more than their counterparts are finding it much harder to find a life partner.

To mention, men of color are still buying cars, clothes and impressing/ making babies with these women (liabilities). Take it how you want, it’s conditioning.

Men of other races are traditionally marrying women who can care for children without the women having the financial knowledge to empower them.

The conditioning of fitting in, is real! In church they call it being equally yoked. But it’s being “equally conditioned”. The unconditioning is the real reason people date outside their race, and leave the places of impoverished thinking aka a place of conditioned behaviors.

These are some topics I mentioned in this video!

Full Video:

#WomenInAmerica #Statistics #Wealth

Keywords: Race, Divorce Rates, Conditioning, Houses, Cars, Church, Children, Religion, Equally Yoked, Book, African American, Black, Middle Class, Men, Liablity.

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SC Happily

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