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📜 The Importance of Having A Declaration Of Independence When Escaping the #RATRACE

What’s Your Declaration of Independence, Your Way of Escaping The RatRace?

Full Video ➡️:

If only I knew the key to a successful life was to explore, I would’ve been bird like flying a long time ago.  Understanding my upbringing was only a temporary template designed for people living in a different era. Then grasping the understanding just how different I could live, without following the norms, and breaking all traditional/ conditional ways of living!

I LOVE BEING A FREE MILLENNIAL! WE’RE the 1st generation that can FLY FLY FLY in or under the radar❗Living how we want to live! Today, I celebrate NOT BEING AMERICANIZED❗

BTW: We’re why the government is changing, because it’s  created by the idea of ‘we the people” and people change❗

Forever Yours,

SC Happily


I was Born to choose to Live. I'm Purpose Driven and Dream Focused; Also an Author, Investor, Skater & Mother.

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