1. They pretend to be the person who can attract the person they “want” to date/ commit to.

2. It’s a hard truth to face, when you’re not in the place, or the type of person who can catch “your types” eye.

3. Some people don’t value themselves. Lack of self love/self identity allows them to devalue the person they are when they’re most authentic and vulnerable.

4. Lieing buys a person time to make the other person vulnerable enough to then live with the lie. Love is not accepting the lie. Showing love is having the ability to speak up and hold that person accountable with or without consequences.

5. Lieing is the lowest on the tolling poll when it comes to possessing manipulative traits.

6. Lieing is an offense easily forgiven by their moral God. This makes telling the lie less risky, especially for people who pray away their faults.

7. Ultimately, people lie as a way to show us how NOT perfect we all are.

Small Reminder: You’re only attracting a person you can’t keep when you lie; forever playing catchup or makeup. Or the lies will cause a person many days of frustration when they’re left trying to fit a lost puzzle piece in someone else’s game.

Forever Yours,

SC Happily

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