Leaders/Pioneers Succeed In Relation to Those Who Relate

My Train Is Going 1 Way: #LegacyDrivenLiving
Creating a Train For Others to Ride.

We mature to an understanding that we are not trying to save those who don’t relate. So many people selfishly want to remember who you use to be and where you come from, because they are too blind to see where you are going. You don’t have to metaphorically medically treat their blindness, feel threatened by their feelings, or try to walk in their shoes in order to get them to relate.

✨I gave 30 years to the younger developing SC.
✨Matured beyond my wildest dreams 🙌🏾
✨Served in ministries built by this country.
✨Achieved in Public Institutions: Honoring Lil Oh Me.
✨Then Served in Institutions that strips dreamers of their freedom to lead.

In Retirement, I can’t wait to lead my audience … even if they’re not from my country, from where I’m from or from the places I’ve been.

Ultimately, those 30 years taught me, the hardest part about not being able to save them all, is accepting that’s their God, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, auntie, cousins, #Family responsibility to put forth the needed effort.

Moving forward:
I owe my brand, my future, & my #legacy more than I owe those who do NOT RELATE. ⭕️💛📒

#ChildrenChasingCheese #MoneyMakingMoneyMattering

Happily Yours,

SC Happily

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