The False Narrative: Babies Having Babies

In History, mothers were effective grandmothers at age 30. Raised to be a Traditional Mother🤰🏽.
At this age they accepted and performed as if they were all their children had. They never felt entitled. Motherhood was a Performance. “Watch me Glow” was expressed on their face by the way they prioritized their seed, his semen.

Upper and Lower Body Workout for Toddlers: Recycling

1. Upper Body: Throwing the Bottles in the Recycle Bin ✔ 2. Upper and Lower Body: Pulling the bin with his own strength✔ 3. Lower Body Coordination: Getting up after an unexpected fall *no 🧤* 4. It’s the small things that makes for the best memories! #GoGreen 💚 Forever Yours, S.C. Happily