The False Narrative: Babies Having Babies

In History, mothers were effective grandmothers at age 30. Raised to be a Traditional Mother🤰🏽.
At this age they accepted and performed as if they were all their children had. They never felt entitled. Motherhood was a Performance. “Watch me Glow” was expressed on their face by the way they prioritized their seed, his semen.

Most women knew how to plant a seed, nurture it, watch it grow and feed their family. #AGardenerNaturally

What happened #ModernCivilization
Seeking the Approval of a Technological world. Mothers in the 21 Century want to be seen by the world daily, on the hour, tick tock seconds; Seen outside their motherly duties.

Feminism Says,

I Am A Beautiful, Curvy, Smart, Well-Payed, A Strong Woman (Woe For Some and Parading For Others: I Am A Strong Black Woman). Reminding you, initially what determined your value, was your gift of motherhood!

I enjoy being gifted with such an assignment. As a Millenial, I’m not modern. Technology and reality programming doesn’t appease me for likes or entertain me and I am unsure if I will ever fit into the narratives. My daily drama is accepting my mini me knows “I’m All He Got” & nothing will distract me from being on the good side of #History.

Catch me living way below my means, disciplined. More is not needed. The More Of This American Modern Dream!

PS. If someone missed the false narrative, the truth is, mothers stop raising their babies; Lacking the wisdom they need to pass on to their grand-babies. It’s a repeat cycle commonly called a Generational Curse.

Traditionally Happily,

SC Happily

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