The False Narrative: Babies Having Babies

In History, mothers were effective grandmothers at age 30. Raised to be a Traditional Mother🤰🏽.
At this age they accepted and performed as if they were all their children had. They never felt entitled. Motherhood was a Performance. “Watch me Glow” was expressed on their face by the way they prioritized their seed, his semen.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Child. Childlike Anger, Childlike Resentment, and Childlike Unforgiveness.  Child. Childlike Envy, Childlike Hate, and Childlike Jealously.  Child. Childlike Thoughts, Childlike Conversations, and Childlike Behaviors. C’mon Village, Enhance My: Childlike Desires, Childlike Goals and Childlike Dreams.  The journey won’t be easy: You’ll be sure to face challenges and will have to overcome many obstacles but be assured, your village will be right thereContinue reading “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”