Adding Structure to your Monday thru Sunday Family Time

This generation of children desperately needs structure and guidance! Here’s my weekly lineup⤵️ Monday – We all read the same book together night,  until we’re at the point where we’re  reading separate books. Tuesday– Family Fun night,  skate night, swim night, game night, rock climbing night,  basketball night, go outside and throw the football night… Continue reading Adding Structure to your Monday thru Sunday Family Time

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When Having Joy Trumps Life’s Blows

Joy lives in a soul that controls it’s outer forces and controls how close life’s blows come to tearing a part a happy home. Joy appears behind smiles of gratefulness and laughs embraced in wholeness; Leaving no room for threats. Joy is a Power Force that embraces your past, present and future, giving more attention… Continue reading When Having Joy Trumps Life’s Blows

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8 Steps To Gaining Self-Love

Comparably, when you give your love to one man or woman you give them your complete focus and heart, and in this case, focus completely on yourself & and take good care of your heart!

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National Coming Out Day: We Celebrate You!

Remember what’s done in the dark can be celebrated in the light! To Add, You get 1 life but many chances to recreate your inner & outerman.