January 8th {ComboTip}

On Today, say to self “I love you”!

The Following Results May Happen:

  1. You’ll realize that you either have a healthy or non-existent relationship with yourself.
  2. You’ll be reminded of all of your achievements if you have a positive mindset or all of your failures if you’re straddling the fence of indulging in negative thoughts.
  3. You’ll find motivation to keep believing, enduring and or excelling; Unlike some, who will find themselves blaming others and resenting who they are and where there are in life.

I’ll add, you don’t have to like your current circumstances in order to Love Yourself!

Lastly, The Power of Saying “I Love You” has always brought joy to one’s spirit. If anything other than joy occurs……

Tip: Make it a Habit to Say it More!


Yours Forever,

S.C. Happily

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