To Cope Together

When creating a legacy, it’s imperative to choose a partner who values your coping mechanisms. In return, your children will learn healthy coping mechanisms to gear them for life’s disappointments, challenges & tragedies. In the home, there’s many benefits to implementing an hour of power💥 engaging in therapeutic activities. Ex. Sing together. Dance together. PrayContinue reading “To Cope Together”

Taking Back Your Light In Cloudy Spaces❓

✨You are very important to what’s up above! Are you the light or clouded? “Universal connection is power; Your vulnerability creates energy, & God create purpose”. Let’s find out.

8 Steps To Gaining Self-Love

Comparably, when you give your love to one man or woman you give them your complete focus and heart, and in this case, focus completely on yourself & and take good care of your heart!