Being Happy is a Habit

My blog this morning was inspired by someone who stated, “I love seeing how happy you are”.

It reminded me, happiness is something I strive to achieve daily.

Happiness is not determined by one event that has occurred in my life.

1. Relocating.

2. Having A Baby.

3. Getting Married.

4. Reaching Goals.

5. Emotional Stability.

Happiness is a feeling and having the feeling of happiness has become a daily habit for me.

Everyday I battle the thoughts of wanting to move again in order to explore more of the world. Everyday I wish I had more babies for my little one to grow up with. Everyday I think of ways to achieve a healthier marriage. And everyday I make sacrifices, sometimes reaching daily goals, sometimes not.

From sunrise to sunset, we have a choice to either be reminded of our initial past happiness (it’s called living in the past) or find new ways to become happy. I believe in living in the present in order to humbly prepare for the future: Because the truth of the matter, the future will present some very challenging days.

Need I say, my present circumstances are not always so blissful but having the ability to become my own happiness is the key!

No matter what happens in my life, being proud of myself, loving myself, and knowing who I am, clothed and unclothed, is what brings me immediate and literally every breathing moment of happiness.

For Example, at this very moment I was happy, doing the things I love with the people I love.

But what this picture doesn’t show is two weeks of doing nothing that I wanted to do. Two weeks of catering to a sick child, a child who was very needy and in constant pain. Two weeks of hoping I’ll have enough time to go shopping in order to take part in the fashion show. Another day where I couldn’t get my eyebrows and nails done. Even showing up late & hoping I’ll make it to this event thanks to hubby’s demanding work schedule.

But inspite of, no matter what is thrown my way, I am the happiness you see! Because I make it a habit to be!


P.S. Prioritize your personal happiness, not just the things that make you temporarily happy! One day it’ll save your life especially if you lose all of the things you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily

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