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When Having Joy Trumps Life’s Blows

Joy lives in a soul that controls it’s outer forces and controls how close life’s blows come to tearing a part a happy home. Joy appears behind smiles of gratefulness and laughs embraced in wholeness; Leaving no room for threats. Joy is a Power Force that embraces your past, present and future, giving more attention… Continue reading When Having Joy Trumps Life’s Blows


It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Child. Childlike Anger, Childlike Resentment, and Childlike Unforgiveness.  Child. Childlike Envy, Childlike Hate, and Childlike Jealously.  Child. Childlike Thoughts, Childlike Conversations, and Childlike Behaviors. C’mon Village, Enhance My: Childlike Desires, Childlike Goals and Childlike Dreams.  The journey won’t be easy: You’ll be sure to face challenges and will have to overcome many obstacles but be assured, your village will be right there… Continue reading It Takes A Village To Raise A Child