8 Steps To Gaining Self-Love

Someone asked me, “How do you fall in Love with Yourself”?

My Response: The same way you would Fall in Love with a man or woman, the only difference you can’t cut it off or divorce the person you were born to become.

1. You first have to take a look at yourself. From head to toe admire your image, value your beauty and accept your flaws.

2. I believe in talking to yourself. This can be done by examining your behaviors. Ask yourself and answer honestly, why do you do the things you do. Find value in your character, in your actions, and in your heart.

3. You fall in love with yourself based on how well you treat yourself.

Take into consideration, you have to know the things you like and how you like things done, in order to enjoy time with yourself and buy things for yourself.

4. Examine how well you value and respect yourself. If you’re following steps 1-3 you should highly see value in yourself and should demand respect from yourself even when faced with hard times such as loneliness.

Tell yourself you love the person you see in the mirror too much to think negative thoughts or act in any disrespectful manner towards the woman or man you worked hard to become.

On the other hand if you’re hiding from the person in the mirror self love will unfortunately never be obtained.

5. Remove anyone from your life who no longer is a good fit for the person you’re striving to be. It doesn’t mean you’re better than them, it just means you’re entering into new territory that even the old you can’t enter.

6. Next, become very grateful for who you are and who you’re becoming: Call your friends to share the excitement just as you would in a real relationship. You know that, “he might be the one feeling”! Call and explain every detail of the change you’re noticing.

7. You become your #1 supporter & your potential becomes your #1 Role-Model. Stay focused!

8. Comparably, when you give your love to one man or woman you give them your complete focus and heart, and in this case, focus completely on yourself & and take good care of your heart!

Trust Me, in due time you’ll be glowing in Self Love!

To add, sometimes I worry, am I becoming arrogant, self-indulgent, or selfish and then I remember how important self love is! Self-love can literally save your life. The healthiest people mentally, physically and emotionally carry self love on their back everywhere they go. Join the club!

Forever Yours,

S.C. Happily #AWomanInLove

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