Adding Structure to your Monday thru Sunday Family Time

This generation of children desperately needs structure and guidance! Here’s my weekly lineup⤵️

Monday – We all read the same book together night,  until we’re at the point where we’re  reading separate books.

Tuesday– Family Fun night,  skate night, swim night, game night, rock climbing night,  basketball night, go outside and throw the football night etc.

Wednesday– Money night; learn all about money,  budgeting,  saving,  investing,  owning realestate, entrepreneurship,  etc night.

Thursday– We cook as a family night and then it’s, everyone do their own thing night: TV, internet  etc….. I’m going skating unless I’m letting significant other roll my wheels night lol (figure of speech).

Friday– Daddy decides night. Can be daddy & daughter/son date night. Mama gets a break night 😁

Weekend-  Vacations, Parent’s date night, clean the house night,  etc.

…….but don’t mind me, I was just made for this! #Motherhood #Wife


Forever Yours,


S.C. Happily

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